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A morning in the Taipei Holiday Flower Market

I figured I would christen this blog with something nice. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future (near) to bitch and moan about topics. This post is about one of my favorite places in Taipei. The Holiday Flower Market. Think of it as a farmer’s market on steroids. Speaking of steroids, they must feed them to the plants because I have never seen such potent flowers, fruits and veggies. I have a backyard garden. I wish I could produce stuff like this. Nothing beats living in a tropical/jungle climate I guess.

The Holiday Flower Market is only open on weekends. Furthermore it is not easy to find. It is located beneath an elevated freeway in the Daan section of Taipei. The underpass between cross streets has been semi-permanently walled off to form an open space for the market. Professional and amateur farmers, beekeepers, tea growers and artisans hock their wares.

This particular morning I bought a cup of iced oolong tea, walked the market and took pictures.

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