San Diego needs a new NFL stadium like it needs a hole in the head

The news has been filled in recent days with all of the hand wringing over the Chargers and the NFL wanting a new $1.2-1.8 BILLION DOLLAR stadium here in America’s …

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Halloween ’13 – Return to Kelbaker Road

On Halloween 2008 while reading I came across the annual Halloween scary story contest. I had some scary things happen in my past so I figured why not. I …

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World Bank whistleblower – ‘Congress all bribed’

I don’t normally repost entire pages, as opposed to just linking, but I enjoyed reading this so much I wanted to capture it in case the source content disappeared. This …

You, reduced to three words.

These days many industry groups that hold conventions or national meetings pay for a professional speaker to give some sort of visionary or motivational speech to their attendees. I guess …


9/11 and a three-letter word

12 years ago this morning, about 4 hours from now actually. Many of us will never forget where we were, what we were doing when the realization of what was …


“Scam free” Immigration Reform is possible but they’ll never do it.

Obama, Congress and a rogues gallery of political activists are beating the war drums for immigration reform. It is really nothing more than hitting the fail button and resetting for …


NSA, PRISM and you. Much ado about nothing?

So the NSA has exactly what every movie and TV show drama depicted. The ability to see, hear and read everything from everyone, everywhere. From a nerd standpoint my first …


The yin and yang of tradeshow marketing

Tradeshows and conventions. I have been to more of them than I can attempt to count. I’ve been an attendee and exhibitor and after 20 years of being at these …

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A morning in the Taipei Holiday Flower Market

I figured I would christen this blog with something nice. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future (near) to bitch and moan about topics. This post is about …


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