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San Diego needs a new NFL stadium like it needs a hole in the head

The news has been filled in recent days with all of the hand wringing over the Chargers and the NFL wanting a new $1.2-1.8 BILLION DOLLAR stadium here in America’s …

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World Bank whistleblower – ‘Congress all bribed’

I don’t normally repost entire pages, as opposed to just linking, but I enjoyed reading this so much I wanted to capture it in case the source content disappeared. This …

“Scam free” Immigration Reform is possible but they’ll never do it.

Obama, Congress and a rogues gallery of political activists are beating the war drums for immigration reform. It is really nothing more than hitting the fail button and resetting for …


NSA, PRISM and you. Much ado about nothing?

So the NSA has exactly what every movie and TV show drama depicted. The ability to see, hear and read everything from everyone, everywhere. From a nerd standpoint my first …


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